Box Office Upgrade is live!

10th Aug 2016 - News

Our new Box Office system is now live!

Following a major system upgrade this week, we now have a new Box Office software system! This is a really exciting development that will allow us to make massive improvements across our organisation while limiting our exposure to glitches that allowed double bookings or slow counter sales.

For those who book tickets online, you will notice a few changes, but overall we hope you find the process more streamlined and seamless. We are no longer using Paypal, which means you can pay within our website and do not have to be redirected to a third party.

Unlike our last switch, we have managed to copy across our customer data, which means we will already have your details on file. However, as is always the case with these sorts of changes, some elements can go awry, so please do take time to check your contact details are all correct.

In order to maintain your security, our team were not able to access passwords for your old online log-in. As such, you will need to click the 'forgotten password' option to create a new password. Alternatively, follow this link: Password Reset

Our customers who buy tickets at the Box Office Counter at the time of the show should see the queue moving with greater speed as we are now able to process transactions in fewer button clicks than ever before - bear with our team as they get used to the new system though!

The office team have worked tirelessly to copy all details and bookings across to ensure as seamless a transition as possible. It costs thousands of pounds every year to operate any box office system, and like all venues, we have to charge booking fees to help cover these costs. Unlike some venues, we are completely transparent about our fees to you, and do not hide them elsewhere, or within inflated ticket prices. We now charge £1.50 for all online transactions and £1 for phone transactions. As always, we do not charge any additional fees for cash payments, in person at our box office counters. We do however charge a 50 pence administration fee for card payments. These fees are per transaction, not per item or show, so you will only be charged once per order. Thornden Hall heavily subsidises these costs and are not a money making revenue stream for us.

In the future we will now be able to offer promotions, membership deals, package prices and discounts for multi-event purchases. Keep your eyes peeled via our social media channels for more information.

On behalf of everyone here at Thornden Hall. Thank you for your continued support and for bearing with us through this transition. We look forward to welcoming you back to the venue we are all so proud to be a part of.